Adam Mansbach - pure genius!

You Have to F*****g Eat - Adam Mansbach, Owen Brozman Go the Fuck to Sleep - Adam Mansbach, Ricardo Cort├ęs

Adam Mansbach writes what I (and perhaps he) would describe as "alternative children's books".  The man is fucking brilliant.  


Yes, I said "fucking".  If you can't get past the profanity, you are not the target audience for these books.


These books are for everyone who has ever loved a child beyond reason.  These books are also for everyone who has ever watched their own child, or someone else's precious darling, disintegrate into Satan's spawn before their very eyes.  


Sometimes you just have to let it out.  You can't be perfect every second of every day.  There are a thousand wrong ways to parent, but no idiot-proof way to get it right.  And I say this as a non-parent who couldn't do your job for five seconds!


Mr. Mansbach reminds us that we are all so very human, and yeah, sometimes we lose it.    And, my sister's warnings notwithstanding, my adorable nieces will NOT be scarred for life if they hear the word "fuck" now and again.  After all, they're allowed to watch Daddy watch football, right?  :-)