Completed June 16, 2015

Kane and Abel - Jeffrey Archer

This book caused me great sadness.  So much left unsaid, so many misunderstandings.  The wasted, misspent years that left bitterness to fester where acceptance could and should have crept in.  Were these two individuals related, I could have made sense of it all.  Goodness knows family dynamics are complicated.  But to lose it all for the sake of money and power?  What a shame.  What a disgrace.


This was truly an epic novel.  Its pacing was rapid, its plotting unpredictable, and its characters captivating.  I have left out one star because in today's vastly different world, it feels dated, and because the e-book and the audiobook differed in various idiosyncratic, inexplicable ways, making the story harder to follow.  But the journey was definitely an enjoyable one.