Completed July 26, 2015

Divergent (Divergent Series) - Veronica Roth

They say adolescence is the best time of our lives.  "Enjoy it while it lasts," they say.


They are lying through their teeth.  Adolescence is hell on Earth.


Beatrice Prior knows this all too well.  Ripped from her home and her support system at 16, that most vulnerable of ages, she must make a choice for which she is ill-equipped and entirely unprepared.  Like many, she picks the option she perceives as the most "fun" and "daring"...and ends up plunged into a political crisis at which she inadvertently is the centre, subjected to unspeakable brutality, and boldly forging a new path which will lead her to the last thing she ever expected - the sweet blush of first love.


This book is so much more than mere YA pseudo-fiction.  It is insightful and, at times, brilliant.  It should be taught in high school classrooms because of author Veronica Roth's blunt assessment of human nature, because of its powerful message that one should never stop fighting for truth and justice, and because the romance (usually my least favourite part of any book) is allowed to develop slowly and sweetly, without pretense or contrivance.


Please read this book. It's infinitely better than the movie.