Off topic? Fuck that!

My review of a book that GR wants you to think isn't a book:


Just sit right back 
And read a tale 
A tale of a sinking ship 
That started out as book club fun
And quickly turned to shit.

The mates pursued a noble cause, 
The Skipper at their side.
Their principles immutable,
With not a thing to hide
Oh, not a thing to hide.

The pressure to cash in was great
Reviewers soon were tossed. 
If not for the courage of a fearless few
The battle would be lost
The battle would be lost.

Booklikes and the Reading Room
Will do their very best, 
To make our castoffs comfortable
In a shiny brand new nest.

It's not the same as what we had
So silently we grieve.
And seek out opportunities
To say what we believe.

So join us here to fight for right
Do what we came to do.
To have opinions loud and proud
Don't let this crew screw you