Tell the Wolves I'm Home: A Novel - Carol Rifka Brunt

So far, our lovely young protagonist:


1.  Has fallen in love with her biological uncle;


2.  Has had a love-hate relationship with an older man who has introduced her to alcohol and nicotine;


3.  Has missed every single obvious signal that her eldest sister is clearly being molested by the drama teacher;


4.  Has failed to tell dear old Mom and Dad about any of this (oh, wait, they're never around, and this kid's had stew for dinner every night for three months!);


5.  Hasn't rejected the semi-romantic advances of a 16 year old manchild who's still obsessed with a stupid game most of his peers had outgrown by the time they were 12.


Now, I'll admit that it's a lot of fun when an author is one sick puppy, and I've read (and loved) books by many of this species - but this author is just a whack job, and that's no fun at all.